I used to recruit informants for the police which meant very often, I was able to tell my wife,

"Sorry, I can't talk right now, I'm with a drug dealer in a hotel room".

 The weird thing is, she always answered with, 

"OK, call me when you've finished"

Hey there,  I'm  Andrew Holland. 

I'm a 41 year old content writer and SEO guy who is steadily developing an addiction for buying domain names and never using them.

I am also a Father of dragons, breaker of wine glasses and drinker of beer...too much beer.

And with that out of the way, I would like to give you a huge thunderous welcome to the little party that I call Copy Warfare.

Copy because we talk about copywriting here.

Warfare because it is like a battleground out there and we need to use words like weapons of mass attention.

We don't talk about video marketing here or graphic design.

No, this is a blog about words that work.

And it is my job to serve you up with superb copywriting case studies, examples or tactics. 

The key thing is that everything I am going to write about will be super practical.

So you can use them to make sales, get more leads, wow the boss and maybe one day live like a King or Queen.

My Background

So what's my background?

For my day job, I run a boutique content marketing agency out of an old police station in Newcastle-under-Lyme in dainty Little Britain. I say content marketing because it covers all bases.  SEO, copywriting, email marketing and so on.

Bragging Rights

My bragging rights?

Well, I have driven over 2 million people to websites. I even did some video marketing that gained over 19 million video views for clients.

In my past life, I was a police officer for 17 years, but my career was cut short because I developed chronic, kill you on the spot, hate the cold kind of Asthma.

Believe it or not, it turns out that criminals won't stop running so you can have a blast on your inhaler, scoundrels.

OK, before you go, here are some random facts about me. 

And because I can, I am going to break the copywriting rule book and say I, I, I in every bullet point. 

  • I once spent 3 hours sitting in a bush trying to watch a drug dealers house...in the rain.
  • I used to recruit informants which meant very often, I was able to tell my wife "Sorry, I can't talk, I am with a drug dealer in a hotel room" and both be telling the truth and not get my nuts chopped off when I got home.
  • I am a black belt in Judo and also boxed for years (my bent nose proves it)
  • I have spent over £30,000 on online courses (don't tell the Mrs).
  • I got hired to be the marketing trainer for my local Chambers of Commerce despite having no marketing background or qualifications (true story).
  • I delivered my first-ever pitch to a 7 figure high street brand by haggling my way into their head office. Yes, I am that cheeky but I didn't win the pitch.

So, that's enough about me.

Make sure YOU subscribe to this blog, and we can be best buds, BFF's, tag team partners, thunder buddies and I truly want you to do a big Flash jump every time you receive an email from me.

(No idea what a Flash jump is? Google it and thank me later).

That's it. I am tapping out of writing this about page.

Speak soon.