How I Made £2400 In One Day With A Facebook Post (and no ad spend)

We all know that you can use paid advertising to make sales and grab clients.

But what about organic social media?

Well, it turns out you can hack the system and gain clients from any social media platform.

And in this post, I will show you the exact formula I used to earn £2400 in a single day for just 12 hours coaching.

Read, let's dive in.

The Batman Technique That Got Eyeballs On My Content

Firstly, I must be clear. I didn't invent this method or technique.

I learned it from the world-class copywriter and trainer Mitch Miller, so if you want to know precisely how to achieve these results, I suggest checking out his training courses here (this is not an affiliate link).

OK, with full disclosure done, here's how this went down.

I am very prolific on social media, namely Facebook and LinkedIn.

But with Facebook, I am politically active.

The one issue is that being politically active tends to kill your organic reach on social media.

It might be an algorithm thing or a personal distaste by my connections, but either way, politics and social media don't = organic growth.

So, to improve my reach, I needed a new tactic.

Enter THE BATMAN Technique.

The idea of The Batman Technique is to tell your back story and re-engage your audience.

If you think about Batman, most of Gotham believes he is a nuisance, a vigilante and he should leave it to the professionals.

But, if they knew his back story about how his parents were murdered and he is a billionaire trying to make use of his wealth to help society while protecting the people he cares about.

Well, I suspect that Gotham City would see him as a hero and praise him.

So, that's the idea and here's how I did it.

Five Posts And One Offer

To backtrack a little further, let me explain my current situation.

I own several websites which keep me extremely busy as well as working for clients, so right now, I am very picky about who I am working with.

But I do have a few hours of downtime each week that I wanted to monetise.

And so, I decided coaching would be a good route.

I don't actually work as a coach or advertise any coaching service.

Still, as a former trainer in digital marketing for the Chambers of Commerce and responsible for millions of video views, website visitors, page one rankings and someone who even became a lecturer in marketing at a University.

Well, I think I can teach people a thing or 2 about the subject.

So, as per Mitch Millers framework, I decided to try and use 5 posts to tell my back story and then an offer post.

Here are the 5 posts (apologies that they got snipped, for some reason it just won't capture it all with our screen capture tool, but add me on Facebook and read them all by clicking here.)

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Post 4

Post 5

The Offer Post

With my audience re-engaged and primed to receive my next posts it was time to hit them with my offer. 

To make this offer, I again drew upon Mitch Miller's frameworks that I have learned on his coaching courses.

Mitch is a master of using social media to get sales, and I adapted one of his post frameworks he teaches for my own use to gain my sales. 

But let's break my offer down and look at the post. (Click on the images to enlarge them)

Let's look at each part

Call Out

One of the fastest ways to get the attention of the target audience is to put their identity into the top of the post.

Get Them Interested

People are short on time, so tell them why you have just shouted them out. You don't have to give the game away, just tell them you have something for them to be excited about.

Make them curious about what's coming.

Insert An Anchor

Before you lay out your offer, you should give people a benchmark to compare your offer against.

In behavioural economics, they call this an anchor.

In my post, I use the price of hiring me to do the work for you as the anchor.

What I Am Selling

OK, so with the reader pre-framed for an exciting offer, you need to tell them what that is before they get bored, so spit it out. 

Remember, we aren't selling on your Facebook business page or via cold email.

This is your personal timeline and as such people are already warmed up to you and understand your story.

So, be clear about what you are offering.

The Reason

It is OK to put an offer out, but people want to know the reason behind it. 

'Why are you giving me this offer that seems too good to be true?'

Explain the circumstances and why you are doing this.

The Details

At this stage, you need to give a bit more information.

Is it coaching? Then tell them the format and number of sessions.

Are you offering a service? Tell them what the deliverables are.

The Bullets

Bullet points or fascinations as they are also known, are where you add value to your offer by telling them what precisely they are going to gain.

Don't just tell them what they are getting but also why it matters.

The Cost

We have laid out what we have on offer, what they will learn and even told them how much it would typically cost to hire you.

Now, we need to tell them about the price.

Just say it, be loud and proud.

My offer equates to £200 an hour and I think that it probably too cheap for the value they will gain.

So, be proud about the value you offer and create a price that reflects that.


We always need to add some scarcity so that they take action. Without scarcity, things become open-ended, and there is no push for people to buy.

Some scarcity can be real such as with my coaching offer (I genuinely only had 3 spots).

Or you could invent some. It doesn't matter. What matters is that they believe it.


If you really want to get a result, add a bonus for signing up. 

This could be a book, a product or whatever you want. I gave a course I have created away.

Added Bonus

If you want to stand out, add a second bonus to your offer.

A second bonus just lays on the value and helps them to rationally justify the price.

3 Downsides Of Inaction And 1 Upside

This is where you tell the reader what happens if they don't take up your offer.

I framed it as 3 potential futures and then placed my offer as the fastest ways to get their desired result.

Repeated Scarcity 

And at the end of the post, I repeat the scarcity to ensure people know how limited this deal is.

The Results

I sold all the spots within 12 hours of that post going live.

The clients have all paid in advance and are all in the process of booking their slots for coaching.

Why You Should Follow Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller is, without doubt, one of the best copywriters out there and also an incredible teacher of marketing.

While many people are teaching the superficial stuff such as 'post 3 times a day to Instagram and blog to get more clients'.

Mitch gives you the frameworks, the process and explains the psychology around buying and status that few people understand.

And the thing is, he has done what he has said going from broke and homeless to living in his stunning mansion in Thailand.

Plus, this isn't the first time Mitch's tactics have worked for myself,

While I have gained £2400 for this one post, I have sold out courses using his strategies, gained clients from Facebook and LinkedIn, and much more.

So, if you aren't on his mailing list or following him on Facebook, you are missing out.

Mitch is THE master of getting results online using copy.


OK, so there you have a real-time case study of using copy to gain clients from social media.

And where I learned it from and how I applied it, word for word.

If you enjoyed this article, please send it to someone who might find it useful and make sure you subscribe as we have some incredible article coming soon.

Andrew Holland 


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