How This Copywriter Is Gaining Hundreds of Reactions On LinkedIn

When we talk about 'copywriting', we tend to think of it in terms of sales pages or adverts.

However, great copywriting gets attention and encourages a reader to take the desired action, no matter what the platform is.

And with over 310 Million active monthly users, LinkedIn is a platform that if mastered, can deliver endless leads and business opportunities.

So, in this copywriting example, I am going to focus on someone who writes some of the best copy on LinkedIn.

I will break down some of his posts and tactics along the way. 

Ready, let's dive in.

The Art of Education Without Lecturing

The mantra of good social media has always been to 'educate, inspire, entertain and sell'.

But that is easier said than done, especially with LinkedIn.

Yet one person who is crushing it on the platform is Dave Harland.

Dave is a freelance copywriter from Liverpool who both entertains, educates, and I am sure sells a fair bit too judging by his LinkedIn post reactions.

And having read Dave's posts for some time, I can say he is one of my favourite writers on the platform.

So, how does he do it?

Let's find out.

Observation, Opinion, Education, Reframing And Comedy

As the subheader says it, from what I have observed, Dave's LinkedIn game relies on 5 core mechanisms.

And he mixes their use up, making the posts an utter delight for readers.

Let's break it down further.


The first mechanism he draws upon is observation.

It might be an email he has received, a van sign he has discovered online or taken a photo himself.

Dave is always sharing his observations online and more importantly, turning this is into a learning point for his connections.


If you have an opinion, I think it is essential to share it online these days.

Why? Because people don't want to do business with boring people. 

Have you ever sat with a boring person for 10 minutes?

Thought so, it's excruciating.

People who have opinions and are willing to share them shows that they dare to be disliked, and it makes copy more enjoyable too.

So, if you think people who spam message should have a dedicated spot lined up in Hell, then say so.

Do you think businesses that pay late are about as pleasant as that sticky white stuff you get in the corner of your mouth when you are thirsty?

Well, shout about it.

Dare to have a voice in this world.


One of the fastest ways to stand out from the competition is to show your levels of knowledge, and Dave does this with style.

From straight forward advice posts like this.

To engaging list posts like this one:

Dave Harland makes his LinkedIn profile a place where people gain value.


Reframing is a technique that consists of identifying and then changing the way situations, experiences, events, ideas, and emotions are viewed.

So just like a photo can look far better in a different frame, a LinkedIn post can work better by changing what you would typically expect from a LinkedIn post.

So, for example, take this post of Dave's.

On the surface, it is a standard LinkedIn list post but look at the first line:

"How to still speak to people about your business right now without coming across like a cold-hearted, money-grabbing arsewipe…"

There are a lot of mechanisms going on in this post, from humour to education.

But it is the words 'without coming across' which reframe the post.

This format is the:

 'How To Achieve (insert the desired action) Without (insert negative result).'

It is a well known and well used tactic of copywriters, but one that changes a simple 'How To' post and adds another dimension, because it highlights the risk.

There are, of course, other ways to reframe things.

From using slides and video to creating graphics. You can change the way your messages are consumed with relative ease.

But by actually being able to reframe the message, you can add endless variations to your posts and get even deeper into the minds of your readers.


Our last area to look upon is Dave's use of comedy.

And I have to say. Dave is a master of this.

Comedic writing is tough to pull off, especially in the dry, stuffy B2B world.

But Dave does this. Sometimes in a single line post such as below.

And other times just sprinkled into longer posts.

This use of comedy writing makes Dave appear both a friendly and likeable person, but also adds to the enjoyment of reading his posts.


So, there you have it.

A copywriter who is making LinkedIn act as a megaphone for his business.

If you would like to follow Dave (and I suggest that you do), then click here.

All that is left for you to do, is to share this post with your network.

It doesn't matter how big or small.

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Speak soon.

Andrew Holland


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