How To Write Sales Letters That Sell: A Review Of The Book By Drayton Bird

If you are involved in copywriting there is one name you should definitely know.

And that name is Drayton Bird.

Drayton is a legend in the copywriting and advertising world, and in this article, I am going to review his updated book 'How To Write Sales Letters That Sell (and emails)'.

So, if you are ready to learn if this book is worth your money.

Dive in.

Downloading The Brain Of A Legend

Drayton Bird has led a fascinating life (you can read about it in his incredible biography 'You Did What?') but ultimately he is known as one of the best copywriters on the planet...ever.

He was endorsed by the legend David Ogilvy, who even bought Drayton's agency for millions.

So, when you get a chance to tap into that knowledge, you should take it with both hands.

And that's what I did when I saw Drayton mention his book on LinkedIn.

I ordered a limited edition paperback version. (I'm not too fond of e-books). Which cost a lot more than a typical book.

But it was worth every penny.

And here's why.

17 Chapters Of Tips, Strategies And Techniques

The book has 17 chapters, and you can barely turn a page without learning something that blows you away (which is saying something because there are over 300 pages). My copy now has notes and underlines throughout, but I always think that is the sign of a great book.

The book really is the equivalent of a course. Packed full of actionable information that you can use to make either yourself or others money.

Drayton first teaches you about the importance of sales letters and why some fail. 

You then learn how to plan so that you can create a great sales letter before finally, he gets into the actual writing.

From how to begin a letter, the guts, and closing. All are discussed in great detail with their own specific chapters.

And the updated book ends with email writing.

Drayton breaks down the subject of selling vie emails but also explains how everything you have just learned over the previous 16 chapters, still applies with the subject of emails.

But, what I love about this book is that it doesn't only tell you 'how to write sales letters that sell'.

It is packed with tips, strategies and techniques in such volume that you rarely see in a modern-day course on 'copywriting', let alone a book.

These 'golden nuggets' could help you to generate massive amounts of revenue, so when you do read it, I suggest you do so with a pen in your hand to make notes.

Packed With Examples

One of the key parts of this book is the sheer amount of examples, both good ones and bad.

You see sales letters written for some of the biggest businesses in the world that are truly awful.

This is another aspect that sets this book apart from so many out there.

You get to read a wide variety of sales letters that have generated large sums of money and Drayton tells you why they are good or bad.

But Aren't Sales Letters Dead?

As stated, the book does cover emails and how the skills you have learned will help you to write great sales emails too.

But I have to say, physical sales letters might be currently underused, but they are still used.

This week alone, I have received several.

Mostly financial ones but the annoying one about my pipes needing insurance bores me every time I open it.

The dull tone and machine-like writing switches me off straight away.

I would swear that a robot and not a copywriter put it together.

So, physical sales letters are still being used. Badly as far as I can tell, but being used they are.

And I think that is why sales letters could be the most underutilised tool in the arsenal of marketing right now.

Why? Because I open every letter I get.

I can't say that for emails. 

And I at least start reading every letter I get.

Surely I can't be the only person who still likes getting a decent letter but rarely does?

So, as Drayton covers in his book, you might be sitting on vast amounts of untapped revenue by not using sales letters within your business.

However, as I say, everything in this book is transferable to the digital world.


How To Write Sales Letters That Sell (and emails) is, without a doubt, a book that belongs on the shelves of every marketer and copywriter in the world.

A classic in every sense of the word and packed with a lifetime of writing knowledge from one of the best in the business.

You would be a fool not to grab yourself either a digital copy or a paperback version.

Check it out at his website (this is not an affiliate link)



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